“Beth has been an invaluable help to us in building our new house. It can be so overwhelming with all the choices involved... She’s always very responsive and brings a lot of deep knowledge to bear, which gives us confidence in her recommendations.”

- Martin C

Quartz & Bone services include…

Full Service Design - Furnishings: Have a new home with old furniture that doesn’t fit your new floorplan? Just want a change or refresh? I’ll work with you to mold and solidify both your budget and style, creating conceptual mood boards that reflect your dreams for your space, and providing you furniture and decor options that meet your every need for your space, with no detail, accessory, or lighting fixture left out. Once selected, I’ll take care of all of the purchasing and delivery, and bring everything into your home for that final reveal that design TV show dreams are made of!

Full Service Design - Remodel: Sometimes your space isn’t quite right. With my training in Interior Architecture, I’ll work with you on small remodels — including kitchen and bath remodels — to make sure that your home flows the way that you do: effortlessly and full of function and beautiful elements. From the initial layouts to material and finish selection to bringing in trusted trades-workers (including contractors), I’ll make sure you have every piece of information you need to make the best decisions for your home.

Design Consultation - New Construction: Building a new house can be stressful! Architects and contractors are absolutely brilliant, but a trained designer will spot issues and bring up ideas that those two experts might miss. An interior designer really rounds out the trifecta of specialists for new construction projects. I’ll work alongside your architect and contractor to help with details such as plumbing fixtures and finishes, finishes and materials, and helping you make sure that your space is cohesive, functional, practical (I mean, no one likes red wine stains on a new countertop!), and beautiful. I’ve work with different teams of architects, builders, and contractors nation-wide on new construction homes, with spectacular results every time.

E-Design - Room by Room: Are you not ready for full service interior design? Do you love to shop and style yourself? Do you have a limited budget? E-design might be the perfect thing! We’ll start with a phone call and questionnaire, then solidify mood board for style along with a furniture layout that works in your space, and finally I’ll send you a list of gorgeous furniture and accessory pieces that you can purchase yourself, along with styling suggestions to make sure that your room looks like it came straight out of a magazine! Packages start at $1,500 per room.

“Beth is an incredibly talented designer and creative individual. She brings a wealth of information from her varied background to create solutions for her client’s design dilemmas.”

- Megan P

The Typical Quartz & Bone Design Process*

Project Initiation Phase

STEP 1 Consultation & Proposal (within 2 business days of the Consultation)

STEP 2 Letter of Agreement Review, Signing, & Retainer Payment

“Design Package”: Research, Design, Presentation Phase

STEP 3 Project Commencement: review of Scope of Work, site measurements, photos of the space, initial budgeting discussion 

STEP 4 Design Concept Meeting: usually about 1 month after Project Commencement; includes presentation of mood boards, design concepts, initial floor plans and layouts, as well as color palettes

STEP 5 Trades Day: walkthrough with any tradespeople necessary to complete the project (including but not limited to: contractors, electricians, plumbers, handymen, painters, wallpaper installers, etc)

STEP 6 Design & Documentation: designer sources options, procures estimates, finalizes layouts, completes detail drawings if needed, gathers finish and material samples, etc

STEP 7 Design Presentation Meeting: usually about 2 months after Design Concept Meeting; includes a visual presentation of all options, finishes, and materials with all pricing estimates; review and sign off on color palettes and options

STEP 8 Design Review: budget is updated with selected items, tear sheets are updated with fabric and material selections, finish schedules are produced if necessary, and tradespeople are scheduled for work to be completed

Purchasing & Project Management Phase (Optional/Project Dependent)

STEP 9 Purchasing: if requested, and upon payment of item invoice, all pieces will be purchased, delivery will be set up to a local receiving warehouse, and estimated lead-times will be used to schedule the final installation

STEP 10 Site Management: if applicable, contractors or tradespeople will begin work, and site visits by Quartz and Bone will happen regularly

STEP 11 Installation, Photography, & Reveal: 1 to 2 days of product installation and styling, including accessories “memo’d” for purchase or return; project photography taken; then… the big REVEAL! 

STEP 12 Project Wrap-Up: accessory purchase approved, accessories returned, final invoice tallied and sent, client binder completed and delivered

* E-Design design process differs, and is detailed in the purchase package

For Full Service Interior Design, What should My budget be?

The reality of hiring an interior designer is that it is a luxury service, and you're paying someone not only for knowledge and expertise, but also to gain access to lines that you wouldn't be able to shop on your own. Sure, we can often help bring things in under retail costs by sharing our discounts, but we also may turn you onto furniture pieces that the rest of the public can’t get, which means that you’ll have a entirely unique and unexpected items! The reality is that design (especially good quality design), like any specialty, costs money.

A budget can depend a lot on the quality of furniture that you are looking for. Just like with clothing and cars, you have ranges of cost from low end to high end. I like to mix great quality pieces (put the bulk of your money where you'll use it most and need the most comfort and/or impact: seating, dining table, etc).

While I'll come up with a detailed breakdown based on the numbers that we discuss in our initial consultation, here are some general numbers to consider before taking on an interior designer (with the exception of the design fee, consider these numbers inclusive of everything from rugs to lighting to furniture to drapery etc):

Living Room: $15,000 - $30,000 and up

Dining Room: $7,500 - $15,000 and up

Master Bedroom: $5,000 - $15,000 and up

Secondary Bedrooms: $3,500 - $10,000 and up

Accessories & Decor: 10% - 15% of your overall room budgets (this is the jewelry to any home, and I promise, your space won't feel layered and finished without it!)

Want to Learn More About Quartz & Bone’s Story and style?

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