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Q&B 2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Wellness + Relaxation

I’ve been thinking a lot about self-care and wellness lately. As someone who lives daily with anxiety, I’m still only starting to realize how important it is to listen to your mind when it comes to those pings. You know what I mean, the pings that tell you that you’re pushing too hard, that you need to focus on you, and that you have to take some time off. It’s been incredibly hard (with a type-A, perfectionist, Virgo personality) to admit that sometimes I can’t focus on my business, because I don’t have the capacity for it. Even if I push myself, what I produce won’t be my top work. Taking a day for myself actually makes my work better in the long-run.

So for my kick-off gift guide this year, I wanted to focus on gifts that will remind the people in your life — the people that you love — to take some time for themselves or to take care of themselves. Some of these gifts are pretty specific wellness gifts, and some of them will just make anxiety-inducing experiences just a little bit easier. I’m hoping that there’s a little something for everyone on this list (or that if there isn’t, that you’ll gain a bit of inspiration).

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  1. Weighted Sleep Mask from Gravity Blankets | $29.99

    I swear by my Gravity Blanket — it is hands down one of the best purchases that I’ve made this year. Next up on my personal “to purchase” list is definitely this weighted eye mask, which blocks light and uses deep touch pressure stimulation, evenly distributing up to 1 lb of weight to ease stress and anxiety and help you to sleep.

  2. Ash Candle by Jenni Kayne | $55.00

    With notes of clove, birchwood, balsam, and cedarwood, this Jenni Kayne candle is my favorite of her scents. It’s truly cozy, with a clean scent that makes you feel like you’re snuggling up by a blazing fire. There’s something about lighting a beautifully scented candle that calms your nerves and centers your mind.

  3. Deluxe “Holiday Sweater” from Bouqs | $68.00

    There is nothing happier than receiving a bunch of flowers. I swear by fresh flowers throughout my house to lift my mood. This gorgeous pepperberry and succulent would do just that for anyone on your gift list this season. Complete with a signature vase, flowers from The Bouqs Co. are grown by independent farmers and will be delivered next day to the recipient of your choice.

  4. Black Tea Overnight Firming Mask from Fresh | $35.00 - $92.00

    Facial masks are the epitome of beauty and wellness routines, but if your giftee is anyone like me, they might ironically get anxious about sitting around, doing nothing, while waiting for a weird sheet mask to work its magic. Overnight masks can solve that problem — they work double duty while you sleep, so your nerves are calm and your face is refreshed! Plus, the antioxidants in this amazing mask are just as good for your soul as they are for your skin (at least I like to think so), and with the formula being paraben-free, sulfate-free, and phthalate-free, you can stay worry-free.

  5. Adia Planters from The Citizenry | $65.00 each, $185.00 for a set of 3

    Plants are known to improve living conditions — they improve air quality and mood just by existing. Having those plants in beautiful containers is, well, a no brainer! These geometric Mugavu wood planters add a bit of natural, organic elegance to your standard ceramic collection. From The Citizenry: “each piece is handcrafted by a group of 15 woodworkers in the Nakawa region of Uganda, made exclusively in a fair trade environment. In the spirit of sustainability, the cooperative replants trees to replenish this precious resource for future generations.” What more could your loved ones ask for?

  6. Orbits Eye Stones by Uncommon Goods | $20.00

    Made in Finland out of natural stone bedrock, more than two billion years old, these stones will soothe, calm, and de-puff even the most tired of eyes. They can be stored in the fridge and applied directly to de-stress exhausted or allergy-ridden eyes. Give your gift-recipient a guilt-free reason to lay back and relax with these eye stones.

  7. Chevronica Crystal from Anthopologie | $89.00

    Crystals have been lauded for ages as miracle workers when it comes to centering emotions, focusing energy, and generally promoting good vibrations. Whether or not your giftee buys into the “woo-woo” of crystals, having a gorgeous Amethyst decor element around the house will bring just a little bit of beauty into anyone’s life. And let’s face it, beautiful things are as much of an energizer as the magic of crystals might be! Plus, amethysts are known to promote balance, calm, and rest, so even if they’re not a believer, they might just get something out of it.

  8. Jetsetter Carry-On Wheelie by Henri Bendel | $398.00

    Let’s face it… there’s nothing more stressful than traveling during the holidays. Most everyone you know will likely be taking at least one trip, and staying stress-free is a must. Having a piece of carry-on luggage that makes organization a snap will go miles towards making your loved ones’ travel experience just a little bit easier and less anxiety-inducing.

  9. Supersac in Taupe Padded Velvet by Lovesac | $950.00

    Just like with my beloved Gravity Blanket, having a comfortable, cozy, warm place to curl up and relax is a must when it comes to battling anxiety and stress. With its luxurious velvet cover, this oversized Lovesac doesn’t remind you of bean bag chairs of old. It’ll give your giftee a sumptuous place to curl up and read a book, while still looking sophisticated!

  10. Chunky Knit Throw from Boll & Branch | $125

    I have been buying Boll & Branch products since early on in their company inception, and I have yet to be disappointed by any of them. Their Chunky Knit Blanket is by far my favorite. Lightweight, soft, and insanely warm and cozy, this blanket will wrap up anyone in your life with total and complete perfection. I can seriously not recommend Boll & Branch products enough — they’re the perfect gift for anyone on your list!

  11. Helias Diffuser from Urban Outfitters | $85.00

    For years, I have sworn by essential oils, and one of my favorite ways to use them is by diffusing them. You can use a single scent, or a mix of scents to create any atmosphere you want — plus, all essential oils provide some sort of health or wellbeing bonus (stress reduction, air quality improvement, mental focus, etc). For anyone in your life who might use (or benefit from) essential oils, giving them this beautiful matte white diffuser will give them the perfect decor element — form and function!