New Home Resolutions

I’ll be honest, one of my least favorite things about New Years is all of the ridiculous pressure put on people to make “resolutions” to drastically change their lives. They’re almost always wildly unrealistic, they’re rarely fulfilled, and they frequently make you feel like you were somehow less-than in the year before.

I’ve almost all but stopped making personal resolutions. Instead I vow to make sure that day by day each year, I focus on my health, happiness, and wellbeing. It’s less pressure, and in the end, much easier to keep up than promising to, say, go to the gym for 20 hours a week and eat only vegetables (I like pizza WAY too much for that nonsense).

However, I’ve found that with the turn of each calendar year, I’m always motivated to make changes at home. Making home and design resolutions is WAY easier than making personal resolutions, because no matter what, they always result in my space becoming more beautiful, more welcoming, and more home.

Rather than give you tips and tricks on resolutions that YOU could make for your space, I’m going to give you mine for this year. Feel free to steal, tweak, or just follow along, and let’s see where I am at the end of the year!

Resolution #1: Take on more DIY projects

I am lucky enough to live with a man who is VERY handy. He loves projects and building things, and we learned last year that we work great as a team in this respect. I generally do the design, but he’s great at foreseeing potential issues (as well as engineering brilliant solutions), coming up with alternate design options, and (most importantly) following my directions. On the creating end, we share the work load. When we built our bar corner, he did all of the sanding (pretty sure this was just an excuse to buy an electric power sander…) and install while I did all of the staining and painting. We love the way it turned out!

So I’m looking forward to taking on more of those projects — why buy when we can build! Even better, I’d love to refinish some fabulous thrift store finds (looking forward to all of those pieces that didn’t spark joy for someone else!) to either feature in our home or sell to clients. This year, we do it ourselves!

Resolution #2: Finish the Quartz & Bone office

A while ago I got a little ahead of myself and posted that a Q&B home office re-design was in the works! Well… life and client work got in the way and it didn’t quite materialize last year. But this year, it’s sorely needed. I’m still working off of a desk that’s FAR too small (it was the perfect size for my little 1 bedroom apartment, but not a great size for the office space we have now), with no real worktable to speak of for laying out samples and finishes for client projects (*cough cough* DIY project! *cough cough*).

I’ve got a plan in mind, but this year, I plan to EXECUTE! New office, here I come…

Resolution #3: Stop putting so much pressure on my work days

For the first time in my 10 years in this industry, I’m working for myself. And best yet, since September, I’m working for myself full time. It’s been a challenge to structure my days, and I have this habit of expecting my daily structure to be exactly the same as it was when I was working for a firm or a showroom (with a concrete start and end time), but that’s just not how working for yourself, well, works… So this year, I’m going to be less hard on myself about keeping a structure. As long as I’m getting my work done, keeping my clients happy, and creating beautiful things, I am completely and totally allowed to structure my days however I want! If that includes taking some me-time to go work out, or take a walk around Greenlake, then so be it. I’d rather be happy and fulfilled then pressured to stick to some made-up schedule, and I think my work will show it!

So that’s it… those are my resolutions. Not too crazy, and really obtainable (in my opinion). I hope you’re all making resolutions that feed your soul, are kind to you, and feel realistic. Here’s to a wonderful year full of new opportunities, wonderful experiences, and beautiful spaces that light you up!

Happy 2019!!

Sparkle 2019