How would you describe your own design style?

My own style is a mix of bohemian and eclectic, with a little California modern thrown in. I love really textural materials (like chunky linen weaves, wicker, seagrass, jute, etc), and I tend to stick in palettes of creams, grays, and blues with a bit of black thrown in for contrast. I also mix vintage furniture with modern lines for a more elevated, curated look.

One of the things people always note about my home are all of the stones and quartz and crystals. I love a good rock, and you can find them everywhere around my home.

What was your favorite part of working for Jeremiah Brent Design?

Jeremiah has such an incredible eye for the unexpected -- he taught me to see beyond all of the typical catalogs and magazines and websites, and to work with much less predictable combinations of materials and furniture.

He's also just a ton of fun to work with, and every day at JBD was a riot. It was an amazing team, and my experience there taught me so much about elevating my style, and my clients' style, without breaking the bank.

What does your design process look like?

While the actual timing depends very much on how small or large the overall scope of work is, I break down the process into three phases...

Phase 1: Concept and Design

This is the longest step, as it takes the most time to nail down an overall design concept that you'll love. I want to get this part just right, so I spend extra time here. Revisions and changes down the line actually cost more time and money, and are highly discouraged.

Phase 2: Purchasing and Receiving

This portion will all happen behind the scenes. I'll place orders, set up a receiving company, have things inspected, return or exchange any damaged merchandise, and make sure that everything is good to go for Phase 3!

Phase 3: Install and Reveal

This is the good stuff! I'll come in over the course of 1 to 3 days (again, depending on the size of the project), get everything set up, and style it all. You'll walk into a brand new space that feels totally you!

What’s your favorite part about being an interior designer?

I love getting to know my clients on a deeper level, and then opening them up to new possibilities in their spaces. Our homes are so personal, and they should be designed that way.

I'm not here to just sell you a sofa -- you could go anywhere for that. I want to tell your story and create a space that truly feels like an expression of who you are.

Do you shop with your clients, or let us shop on our own?

For some things, like certain seating, I'll take you with me to "trade-only" (designer/architect only) spots like the Seattle Design Center, so that you can see things in person.

However for most of the project, I ask that you trust me, trust the design concept that you've signed off on, and trust the process. It's asked that you don't shop on your own -- this has the habit of often derailing the design concept, bringing in revisions (again, highly discouraged), and costing more time and money.

Outside of interior design, what are you passionate about?

Books! I've always loved words and stories, and I'm a voracious reader when I have spare time — I actually thought I might be a book editor after college initially! I love interior design and I'm definitely married to it, but books will always be my not-so-secret mistress.

My other passions include: skiing, hiking, camping, traveling, and of course, my amazing dog/office companion Marzipan.

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